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  Grade Level Phase-In
     School year          Grade Level  
  2013 - 2014..........K-5
  2014 - 2015..........K-6
  2015 - 2016..........K-7
  2016 - 2017..........K-8
Welcome to Charlotte Choice Charter

Early Dismissal:  To ensure the safety of our students CCC will close 2 hours early at 1pm on tomorrow afternoon February 11, 2014.  

Curriculum Night

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Charlotte Choice Charter is a tuition free school approved to serve grades K-8.   Our mission is  to cultivate a passion for learning and community service.  CCC   opened its doors August 19, 2013 with an enrollment of approximately 216 scholars. CCC serves a diverse group of learners with a small scholar to adult ratio.

Students at CCC  are referred to as “scholars”.  A scholar is a student who is highly educated or one who has a high aptitude for learning.  We believe that all scholars can and will learn and ensure that they learn by providing differentiated instruction in all subject areas.  Teachers design tiered lessons and activities that address the individual needs of all scholars.  When designing these activities and lessons, teachers consider scholars’ learning styles and interests.

We have high expectations for all our scholars.  Scholars are expected to reach high academic expectations and are challenged at the appropriate level through engaging curriculum that places emphasis on math, reading, character education, and real- life application. Scholars participate in weekly Character Education lessons.  Each classroom completes monthly projects and activities centered on the month’s character trait. These projects include performing songs, plays, written expression (stories and poems) and creating artwork to showcase their understanding of the Character Trait of the Month.  As a part of our character education program, grade levels are required to participate in at least one community service project each quarter.

One of our many goals is to prepare students to compete globally in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).   We stress the components of our STEM program through the implementation of Project-Based Learning.  Project-Based Learning is a wonderful way for scholars to get engaged in hands-on, active learning.  Each month, scholars research a STEM-focused topic and complete various activities based upon what they have learned.  Project-Based Learning activities are completed in school and at home.  We have found Project-Based Learning to be a substitute to paper-based, memorization, teacher-led classrooms.  Through Project-Based Learning, scholars develop a greater depth of understanding, improved communication, social skills, increased creativity and improved leadership skills. 

As a STEM school we incorporate technology in all areas of the curriculum through the use of Smart Boards in every classroom, the use of SMART Responders during classroom instruction, computer labs and online assessments.

Here at CCC, we do our best to encourage our scholars to become independent learners and to accept responsibility for his/her own behavior.  We strongly encourage growth in the affective domain as well as the cognitive domain. The affective domain includes factors such as student motivation, attitudes, perceptions and values. By focusing on the affective domain, scholars are provided with the skills needed to work cooperatively in a group and to accurately solve problems.

In addition to receiving weekly instruction in Spanish and Music, we have established extracurricular clubs for the second semester of this school year.  Clubs will be meet weekly and they include sports, sign language, technology, arts and crafts and board games.  Parental involvement is a key component to a scholar’s academic success. We encourage parents to actively participate in their scholar’s education.

Parents contribute to the overall school program in various ways. Charlotte Choice Charter families volunteer to read books to scholars, tutor scholars, chaperone field trips, participate in school-wide fundraisers and donate supplies and other items for class projects.

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